Zhineng Qigong Workshop 8th to 12th MAY 2019

Zhineng Qigong Workshop: Developing an Exceptional consciousness ability with Professor Xi Xiaofeng.

Second opus of Zhineng Qigong training given by Professor Xi Xiaofeng on the development of the exceptional abilities of consciousness.

This training is divided into four stages. The first stage took place from May 19 to 26, 2018. The second stage will take place from May 8 to 12, 2019.

It is not necessary to have completed the 2018 course to participate in 2019’s one because it is not « levels » but different techniques taught each year.

Complete workshop: from Wednesday, May 8 9am to Sunday, May 12 5pm. I CLICK HERE TO REGISTER 

What is it about?

The practices of Zhineng Qigong allow to develop a state of consciousness out of norms. In this state, it becomes possible to gain a very conscious access to the state of the luminous and clear emptiness of the mind. It is then that everyone will be able to recognize himself as Master of his own life and proceed globally to the healing of the body and the spirit.

In the short term, participants could experience the state of harmony of body and mind to get rid of emotional and biological (various pathologies) disharmony resulting from the separation of our Being and the impact of negative emotions on events of our life. The out-of-norm awareness accessible through the practices taught during this course will then be able to transform the deep fears of the psyche in order to allow everyone to access a real personal freedom.

Through the scientific theory of Zhineng Qigong science and a specific teaching method, participants will quickly understand what the true state of physical and mental harmony, or body-mind-spirit harmony is. It will bring participants to understand the nature of human consciousness in order to take a new look at oneself.

This workshop will bring you:

  • Better quality of life and good health
  • An interior alarm clock
  • A high degree of unification of body and mind
  • An ability to focus on the development of wisdom-based intelligence
  • A stimulation of the opening of your inner potentials
  • Increased ability to be fully Master of oneself

Details of the internship content:

1- Why everyone can access the state of consciousness out of norms?

  • What is the out-of-norm state of consciousness?
  • The different states of non-standard consciousness
  • The different levels of non-standard consciousness

2- How to train to penetrate the state of consciousness out of norms?

  • Innate potential for extraordinary abilities
  • Extraordinary skills acquired through practice
  • Relationships between innate and non-standard abilities acquired through practice
  • How to effectively use non-standard awareness capabilities?

3- What are the relationships between normal abilities and the extraordinary abilities of consciousness?

4- Specific applications of the extraordinary capacities of the consciousness

5- Training in the development of non-standard abilities of consciousness; theory and practise.

Schedule: 7 hours of practice and teaching each day!

  • 7h-8h: meditation practice
  • 8h-9h30: breakfast
  • 9h30-12h30: lessons and practices
  • 12h30-15h30: lunch break
  • 15h30-18h30: lessons and practices
  • 19h: dinner
  • 8:30 pm: free evening

During lunch breaks and evenings, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Have a walk in the beautiful spaces of the Valley or  on the paths of the ski resort of Isola 2000
  • Enjoy Aqua valley facilities: Jacuzzi, steam room, heated pool, gym at a preferential rate (-10%)
  • Offer you a massage at a preferential rate
  • Participate in additional activities offered: conferences, concerts, etc … (program to come)

See below how was the May 2018’s internship on this theme:


Location of the internship, accommodation and catering

This course will be held in an exceptional green setting: in Isola, a small village on the French Riviera, nestled in the heart of the Alps. Our organizer offers several hosting solutions on site and a catering service.

In addition, you will also have access to Aquavallée’s facilities: sauna, Jacuzzi, steam room, heated swimming pool …

See you at our organizer to know all the logistical details: click here


Registration details

This training is open to all, Zhineng Qigong practitioners or beginners. People who simply want to find tools to improve their health and quality of life are also welcome. It is not necessary to have completed the 2018 internship to participate in the 2019 internship.

To take part in this training, go to Bliss, our organizer


Who is Professor Xi Xiaofeng?

XI Xiaofeng was appointed in 1995 by PANG Heming as the teacher specializing in theories and methods of developing the out-of-norms abilities of consciousness.

Xi Xiaofeng was born in Mongolia in 1971. A martial arts practitioner from a very young age, he started practicing Zhineng Qigong in 1991. In 1993, he entered the Huaxia Center, the official training school of Zhineng Qigong in Pang. Heming. In May 1995, he became the teacher of the Huaxia Center, specializing in theories and methods of developing out-of-normscapacities. From 1996, he teaches these techniques in the form of internships throughout China with very good results. In recent years, he has also traveled Europe to provide this knowledge in the West. In 2006, he founded a training center in Chengdu for medical treatment by Zhineng Qigong. For more than 20 years, he has been carrying out scientific laboratory research combining the theories of Zhineng Qigong and traditional Chinese medicine on the one hand and medicine and modern physics on the other hand

This research and experiment has produced remarkable results for the treatment of many diseases. Many patients who did not find solutions through official treatments were able to resume a new life through the practice of Zhineng Qigong. By helping people to properly adjust their state of consciousness, develop a positive mental attitude and a firm faith in their ability to heal, Zhineng Qigong allows everyone to regain better health.